Re: [isabelle] A beginner's questionu

For beginners I would recommend some material I have just put together
for my Semantics course, where I use Isabelle:
Under "Slides and files" you find a proof-pattern-oriented introduction
to Isabelle proofs. Simply stop reading when the Isabelle intro stops
and the Semantics material starts.

This is work in progress and any feedback is warmly appreciated!


Lars Noschinski schrieb:
> On 24.11.2010 05:26, Francisco Ferreira wrote:
>> Thank you!
>> That was really helpful! But I am still having problems, I've checked
>> the tutorial and the reference manual, but in the tutorial the Proof
>> commands are not discussed, and I find the reference manual a bit too
>> advanced, is there a tutorial on the proof command?
> The "Tutorial on Isar"[1] covers the proof command.
>   -- Lars
> [1]

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