Re: [isabelle] Packaging for distros? (Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora?)


I think that these arguments are not ruling out an Ubuntu packaging of
Isabelle, and packaging has several advantages, like installation e.g.
within the Ubuntu Software center, and easier deinstallation.
Since we need Ubuntu packages for Isabelle for packaging the
Heterogeneous Tool Set (that interfaces with Isabelle), we will
continue to build them in Bremen (unless someone else provides them),
and are grateful for any hints (like the jedit/Java problem).

All the best,

Am 27.11.2010 15:30, schrieb Joachim Breitner:

not really: sun-java6-jdk is not Free Software by Debian’s standards and
is shipped outside of Debian, in a special “non-free” repository. If
jedit (or a theoretical isabelle package) would depend on sun-java6-jdk,
then it would also be in non-free, even though it is free software.

A proper fix would be to find out what does not work with OpenJDK and
why, and fix it. But this is getting off-topic here.


Am Samstag, den 27.11.2010, 14:33 +0100 schrieb Till Mossakowski:
It is no problem to let Isabelle depend on sun-java6-jdk, this should
solve the jedit problem.

Best, Till

Am 25.11.2010 15:15, schrieb Makarius:
On Thu, 25 Nov 2010, Joachim Breitner wrote:

„to make a long story short: the Isabelle developers strongly prefer
to have only one official Isabelle distribution and, thus, do not
encourage Isabelle distribution by others. Moreover, they prefer to
provide the whole "Isabelle suite" (i.e., Isabelle and all surrounding
tools (Poly/ML, Proof General, Scala, e, spass, jedit, etc) as one
integrated bundle. Of course, this "bundling requirement" makes is
hard (if not impossible) to integrate properly into Debian.“

If this is wrong or has been changed, I would could imagine to try to
package Isabelle myself, but not without the good will of the Isabelle

It is still right and has changed only slightly in the sense that the
trend towards fully integrated bundling will become even stronger. With
our more recent move towards full dependency on JVM 1.6, for example, it
has become practically impossible to rely on existing Java packaging.

Just take plain jEdit (without Isabelle): the Ubuntu/Debian package uses
OpenJDK on that platform and then fails to deliver an application that
actually works, because jEdit requires JDK/JRE from Sun/Oracle.

This is why I always download jEdit from directly and use
it with Java from, although I
know that this is heretical.


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