Re: [isabelle] Packaging for distros? (Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora?)

On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 03:15:08PM +0100, Makarius wrote:

> (...) it has become practically impossible to rely on existing Java
> packaging.

> Just take plain jEdit (without Isabelle): the Ubuntu/Debian package
> uses OpenJDK on that platform and then fails to deliver an
> application that actually works, because jEdit requires JDK/JRE from
> Sun/Oracle.

Not quite. The Ubuntu/Debian package uses:

 - automatically: the first it finds in the list:
   OpenJDK Java6 JRE
   Cacao JRE
   Sun/Oracle Java6 JRE
   (as long as they are installed in a way recognised by the
   java-wrappers mechanism, for example through the Ubuntu/Debian
 - through manual override: any one (even not in this list, even one
   not installed through packages) manually specified through one of
   the JAVA_FLAVOR / JAVA_HOME / JAVA_BIN environment variables. See
   man page java-wrappers in section 7 for details.

True, if you install the "jedit" package on a system that has neither
OpenJDK6 JRE, nor Sun Java6 JRE, it will *by* *default* install
OpenJDK6 JRE. But if you install (or select for installation) Sun Java6
JRE first, then installing jedit will *not* install OpenJDK6 JRE.

Besides, I'm curious *what* doesn't work with jEdit using OpenJDK. I
installed it, with all default options (so OpenJDK Java6 JRE):

 - It runs.
 - Open file, change, save, it works.
 - A .h file? Syntactic colouring works.
 - I installed the "accents" plugin, tried some strings it was
   supposed to substitute, it did substitute them.
 - I installed the "FTP" plugin, works with SFTP protocol (open file,
   change, save).
 - The Python Shell plugin evaluates "print 2+2" to displaying "4" in
   the Console.


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