Re: [isabelle] Packaging for distros? (Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora?)

On Sat, 27 Nov 2010, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:

Besides, I'm curious *what* doesn't work with jEdit using OpenJDK. I
installed it, with all default options (so OpenJDK Java6 JRE):

After actually *using* it for 10min or so, you should notice many annoying details on OpenJDK. E.g. with certain fonts (such as IsabelleText) at certain sizes you get erratic lines painted right into the main TextArea. Moreover the metrics of many GUI elements are just strange. Moreover the portable Nimbus look and feel from Sun is missing, which is really required to avoid ugly "Java-style" look and feel. Moreover antialiasing of the caret and thin lines is very bad. Moreover ...

Just last week some further issues were mentioned on the jedit-dev mailing list again, and some main developers confirmed that they don't support it.

I did investigate this further some months ago. OpenJDK lacks many fundamental things, such as a proper Graphics2D implementation. Maybe when (or if) OpenJDK 7 comes it it will be usable.


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