Re: [isabelle] Packaging for distros? (Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora?)

On Sun, 28 Nov 2010, Ian Lynagh wrote:

* It's a lot easier to "apt-get install isabelle" than it is to find
 where to download it, download it, work out how to install it (even if
 that does turn out to be "just untar it"), add it to my path, etc

So which version of Isabelle is the "isabelle" package? You do need to be able to use several Isabelle versions at the same time in parallel.

Personally I also find the apt-get business very strange and hard to use. It is always like looking many years back in the history of computing.
Synaptic is a bit better, but hardly 100% success.

* I can be sure that packaged software is actually going to work on my

This is simply not the case. Many Debian packages are broken, like the jEdit one I mentioned. Once I wanted to give Axiom a quick try, and its Debian/Ubuntu package was really bad, so I did a quick compile from sources again at it just worked out of the box.

* Packaged software is more likely to "fit in" with the rest of the
 system, e.g. docs where I expect them

You mean READMEs in .gz format?

Isabelle expects its documentation in a certain place, but not where Debian has it.

* Packaged software often does things better than upstream - most
 commonly where two pieces of software can integrate

Do I have to mention the OpenSSH debacle?


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