Re: [isabelle] Packaging for distros? (Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora?)

On 28/11/10 14:08, Ian Lynagh wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 02:39:23PM +0100, Makarius wrote:
>> That is a lot of complication introduced by the packaging.
> I don't follow you.
>> So what is the point of it?
> * It's a lot easier to "apt-get install isabelle" than it is to find
>   where to download it, download it, work out how to install it (even if
>   that does turn out to be "just untar it"), add it to my path, etc
> * I can be sure that packaged software is actually going to work on my
>   machine, e.g. it won't fail because my glibc is far too old or far too
>   new. Similarly, I won't have to spend time working out what
>   dependencies I need to install.
I think it would be just as difficult to construct packages that could
be relied upon to work on your machine as it is to get Isabelle working
on your machine under the present situation.

Your theory files have to be correct for (say) Isabelle 2007 (Isabelle
2005 and Isabelle 2008 are significantly different).  For Isabelle 2005
you have to run PolyML 4.1.4, not PolyML 5.x - subsequent versions of
Isabelle work with certain versions of PolyML only.  And although I have
Isabelle 2005 working with my theory files with PolyML 4.1.4 on (I
think) five machines,
it won't work on some other machines (possibly because of the machine

On this latter point - can anyone help ?  I'm wondering if the problem
is that I'm now trying to get it (ie, Isabelle 2005 on PolyML 4.1.4)
working on a different machine which is a 64-bit machine - does this
require a different version of PolyML 4.1.4 ? Is there such a version
available ?

Thanks for any help,


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