Re: [isabelle] Isabelle/Scala Layer [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

On Tue, 30 Nov 2010, Kylie Williams (IND) wrote:

I am attempting to compile the Isabelle/Scala layer from the 2009-2 release. I get the following errors when executing the build-jars script in the Pure directory:

PIDE/command.scala:84: error: value err is not a member of package System
       case bad => System.err.println("Command accumulator: ignoring bad message " + bad)
System/standard_system.scala:220: error: value getProperty is not a member of package System
   val java_home = System.getProperty("java.home")
one warning found
9 errors found
Failed to compile sources

Any thoughts; I am running Scala-2.8.0, should I have a different version?

The Isabelle2009-2 bundle already contains a compiled jar, together with the Scala version that was used to compile it: Scala-2.8.0.RC5. The Scala people do introduce incompatibilities at times, so this is meant as a fail safe configuration.

Compiling it yourself should work nonetheless, since Scala-2.8.0.RC5 is practically identical to, IIRC.

The above failure to access java.lang.System looks very strange. What is your basic platform: OS version, JDK version? Can you run the precompiled "isabelle scala" and "isabelle jedit" from the official bundle?


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