Re: [isabelle] G.U.T.

Am 06.10.2010 um 08:03 schrieb Jens Doll:

> Yesterday I heard that the string theory is out, because several aspects
> of it have been disproved. The task seems to lie in unifying the
> theories of relativity and quantum to a Grand United Theory. As
> physicists work mainly with mathematical modeling, I asked myself how
> these two theories could be united automatically by using an inference
> engine or something else (Isabelle?) and afterwards be tested if the result
> satisfies measured data.
> Where could I find a source for reasoning mathematically about physical
> phenomena? Does anyone here have a clue for it?

What you're suggesting sounds quite over the top IMO, but you might be interested in the work of Bundy, Chan, and Lehmann about ontology evolution in physics:


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