[isabelle] Isabelle 2009-2, ProofGeneral, xemacs under CygWin with XWin

Hello all,

I've been using Isabelle 2009-1 with PG 3.7.1 under CygWin, starting it via 'isabelle emacs -p "xemacs -display"'.

After installing Isabelle 2009-2 with PG the start terminated with the error message "/usr/local/Isabelle2009-2/contrib/ProofGeneral/isar/interface: line 260: /usr/bin/xemacs -display No such file or directory". As workaround I extended the last line in \contrib\ProofGeneral-\isar\interface (which read 'exec "$PROGNAME" "${ARGS[ at ]}" "${FILES[ at ]}"') to 'eval exec "$PROGNAME" "${ARGS[ at ]}" "${FILES[ at ]}"' (in fact, I rather reverted it to the corresponding line from PG 3.7.1).

Is this workaround OK or could it do something wrong (I'm asking, just because I don't know, why the change has been made in 2009-2)?



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