Re: [isabelle] installing Isabelle under polyml-5

On Tue, 26 Oct 2010, Alexander Krauss wrote:

Hi Jeremy,

I'm trying to build Isabelle 2005 under PolyML 5.1 and get the following error:

Further to the above, I've tried to build Isabelle 2007 - under Polyml 5.1 it seems to work fine, but under PolyML 5.2 it gives the following error

Combining Isabelle releases with versions of polyml that are much younger normally does not work, unless you are lucky.

Looking at our local installations of old Isabelle versions, it seems that Isabelle 2005 came with polyml 4.1.3, and Isabelle 2007 with polyml 5.1.

BTW, the general solution to this kind of problem was invented by IBM in the 1970-ies or so: hardware virtualisation. With something like Virtualbox you can keep old versions of Linux, Poly/ML, and Isabelle running for many more years.


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