Re: [isabelle] Unicode (Was: Update on I3P)

Hi Joachim,

>>> I should add that this sequence of four characters is the utf8
>>> representation of 𝒵 (\<Z>), re-encoded as utf8:
>>> $ echo -n ð??µ|iconv -futf8 -tlatin1
>>> 𝒵
>>> $ echo -n 𝒵 | iconv -flatin1 -tutf8
>>> ð??µ
>>> Maybe i3p has problems with unicode character code points that do not
>>> fit in one 16-bit number?
Not in general; when adding the support for true code points in August,
I already wrote a number of tests to ensure that theories do not get broken
by editing them. Unfortunately, this did not catch a remaining bug
in the on-the-fly encoding in the driver ;(

This is fixed now (check for updates) and a corresponding test is added
to make sure it will work more smoothly in the future.

Thanks for pointing this out,


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