Re: [isabelle] How to use Isabelle/Isar as a compiler?


the corresponding command is

  isabelle usedir -b HOL Name-of-output-Heap

reading the name of the used theory from the file ROOT.ML. In your case this should contain:

  use_thys ["MyTheory"];

In the above command, HOL is the name of the underlying heap image und the last argument is the name which you choose for the resulting heap image.

For a detailed description see the isabelle system manual, i.e.,

  isabelle doc system

(starting on page 20 in the documentation for Isabelle2011).



On 04/05/2011 04:32 AM, Anh Le wrote:
Hi everyone,
Is there any way that we can use Isabelle/Isar as a compiler?
For example, how do we run a command like:
$ ./isabelle MyTheory.thy
And then isabelle will do as the Proof General processes the whole buffer,
and will return the first found error if it exists.

Thank you

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