Re: [isabelle] Emacs 23/PG 4 problems on Mac

Hi Christoph,

> I would greatly appreciate any help with these issues.

I ran into much the same issues, plus some more, including

5) Windows that appear to prompt the user (e.g., "Do you want to save?") sometimes had absolutely ridiculous geometries, like 1000000 pixels wide. They were so wide that all I saw was a gray panel in the middle of the screen, which I couldn't close (the close button was like 500000 pixels to the left of the screen). I had to kill the app. This happened often enough to make the application totally unusable.

This convinced me very quickly to go back to the "good old" Aquamacs. Not that I'm a big fan of the beast, but at least I know its bugs and I'm used to work around them.

In my .bashrc file, I have the lines

export EMACS=/Applications/
alias Isabelle="/Applications/ emacs -p $EMACS"

Then I can launch Isabelle2011 with the Aquamacs from Isabelle2009-2 by entering "Isabelle" on the command line.


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