[isabelle] Bug in code serialiser for OCaml

Dear all,

the OCaml code generator in Isabelle2011 seems to get confused with functions named like \<A>. For example:

primrec \<A>  :: "nat => nat" where
  "\<A> 0 = 0"
| "\<A> (Suc a) = \<A> a"

export_code \<A> in OCaml file -

produces the following definition for \<A>:

let rec a = function Arith.Zero_nat -> Arith.Zero_nat
            | Arith.Suc a -> a a;;

Obviously, the self-application "a a" in the Suc case is wrong. The code serialiser for OCaml forgets to rename the parameter a to a fresh value. The serialisers for SML, Haskell and Scala all rename the parameter a to aa.


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