[isabelle] where to post jedit 4.3.2 bugs/feature requests?


i hope this is also the right list for jedit stuff.

I disabled the Auto-parsing in Isabelle. as it was the only way, to
disable the Isabelle-parsing. just to read some files.
Now i wanted to reactivate the parsing, so i ticked the option,
restartet jedit and got the following error:

the following plug-in could not be loaded:
Cannot start: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
Try updating to a newer version of the plug-in.

Workaround: delete the properties file in
.isabelle/Isabelle2011/jedit. jedit will create a new working one.
if you are lucky, you can also copy one of the properties files from
the backup directory in the same location and rename it.

the pre-2011 version of jedit ran much butter on my machine. the new
one has problems clearing the ram, when i load and afterwards close
multiple theory files in a row. for me the auto-trace is not really
useful, as I usually have one or two theories to work on, and some
more, wherein i just want to lookup things. So like it was before, to
enable parsing for every buffer on it's own was better for me.

to mention something positive: i really like the sidekick showing some
sort of outline of the theory.

best regards

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