Re: [isabelle] Isabelle and SWI-Prolog under MacOS

On 02/01/2011 03:24 PM, René Thiemann wrote:
Dear all,

after updating to Isabelle 2011, I get the following message when
calling "isabelle version"

expr: syntax error
Isabelle2011: January 2011

However, I figured out that only if the executable

/opt/local/bin/swipl  (SWI-Prolog via MacPorts)

is present, then the "expr: syntax error" is displayed.
To put it differently, after "mv /opt/local/bin/swipl /opt/local/bin/swi"
the call "isabelle version" just displays

Isabelle2011: January 2011

as desired. Any ideas?

An experimental feature of the Isabelle system is trying to detect if the swi-prolog exists and if existent, tries to determine its version
via the non-standard and non-portable bash/linux command expr.

I will improve this bash script in the development version.

The error message "expr: syntax error" can be ignored, and should not cause the main system to fail.



PS: The same error occurs on two different Intel-Macs both running
Leopord (10.5)
PPS: If one removes the original swipl and replaces it by some script
like "echo $* >/tmp/args"
  then the "expr: syntax error" remains, and detects that swipl is
called with arguments "--version"

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