Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2011 jEdit

On Wed, 16 Feb 2011, Lucas Dixon wrote:

What are your hardware parameters anyway? I would expect that starting from 2 cores + 2 GB you can use the system for not too big applications.

Even on my more luxurious 2 core, 8GB memory machine, I would find it helpful to turn off automatic processing sometimes

For me too, but I've spent again too much time with old things, so the new world order will require a bit longer to emerge.

I do some fairly non-standard things with Isabelle... saving files as side effects of processing, opening new pipes to/from isabelle, etc, etc.

That's a more fundamental problem. The main idea behind the new document model is that it is stateless and timeless, so there are by definition no side-effects.

Generating files at run-time confuses the Isabelle theory loader even now, and this is becoming more restrictive when multiple versions are managed by the system simultaneously.


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