[isabelle] Problem with istallation of Isabelle

Dear sir,
I am suresh, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and computer Applications, PSG College of Technology. Interested to study the theorem prover Isabelle. I have down loaded the file " Isabelle2009-2_bundle_x86-linux.tar.gz" from " www.cl.cam.ac.uk/research/hvg/Isabelle/download.html" . After extract the file in an arbitrary folder, Isabelle 2009-2_bundle_x86-linux contains Isabelle and Isabelle 2009.2. Inside the folder 'isabelle' there are folders 'bin', 'contrib', 'doc', 'etc', 'heaps', 'lib','src' and some files.
In the istruction manual it is specified that the folder 'bin' contains isabelle emacs. but there is no such file. HOW TO INSTALL ISABELLE?.
I am using the OS UBUNTU. 
Awaiting for your reply.

V. Suresh Kumar
Assistant Professor
PSG College of Technology

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