Re: [isabelle] Errors when installing and executing Isabelle-2009-2

This might be an instance of a problem we've seen frequently, where a 32-bit binary is executed on a 64-bit linux which doesn't have ia32libs installed. I think the problem is not even a missing dynamic library but a failure to find the dynamic linking program which is usually named as an interpreter, and the error comes from the kernel itself. I might be mistaken. Anyway, there's no easy way to change the unhelpful error message without wrapping the executable in yet another script.


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John Nicol wrote:
> Installing Adobe Flash (which depends on some of the libc libraries) appears
> to have fixed the problem.  It reconfigured libc6-i386 and lib32stdc++6 and
> some other libraries.
> I assume this is related to this problem, although the error was less
> clear:
> I'd recommend listing the libc dependencies on the installation page and/or
> putting a descriptive error in the code.  This was a fairly clean Ubuntu
> installation, so I'm sure this problem will pop up again.

In fact, a student at TUM recently had what seems to be exactly the same
problem. It was also a more or less clean Ubuntu installation. We could
not solve it at that time, and it somehow went away after he reinstalled
the system.

So it may be a not-so uncommon error.


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