Re: [isabelle] Errors when installing and executing Isabelle-2009-2

On Tue, 11 Jan 2011 02:07:36 Lars Noschinski wrote:
> Yep, this is due to missing dynamic linker
> (/lib/ On Debian-based systems, this file is
> part of libc6-i386. ia32libs is not needed to run Isabelle
> (but depends on libc6-i386, so it will fix the symptons).

I think this error is probably what led me to get Isabelle running 
in 64-bit mode on my 64-bit Fedora laptop.  I think I concluded 
that 64-bit Linux required 64-bit Isabelle, but now it seems that 
I might be able to get it running in 32-bit mode by installing 
glibc.i686.  Is there any benefit in doing so, now that I've 
already got 64-bit Isabelle up and running?


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