Re: [isabelle] lexical matters

>> Is there a printing mode for type-annotating constants and/or variables
>> with their types (like in HOL4)?  I'm concerned about the risk of
>> statements being displayed in a misleading way.
> ...
> Anyway, do you now the funny paper about "Pollack-inconsistency" by Freek
Wiedijk, UITP 2010?

Yes thanks.  In fact my HOL system, HOL Zero
(, deals with all these issues
(or so I claim - there is a $100 bounty for anyone that spots a problem).  I
was wondering how well Isabelle fared.

> I've known this "issue" ever since I got exposed to Isabelle for the very
> first time, in summer 1993.

It puzzles me how little has been done about these things until now.  Are
not people concerned that what is being displayed could be misleading?


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