Re: [isabelle] Build Isabelle from stock dependencies (Fedora 14)

Matej Urbas wrote:
I made some notes about 'building Isabelle on Fedora from stock
dependencies' and I thought it wouldn't hurt to share (see attachments).

Ignore this if there is a better guide around (or if there is a better
way of doing it in general).

Some warnings are appropriate here.

hg clone Isabelle

This gives you an arbitrary development version, which is basically unsupported and may be broken. For anybody but developers, this is a very bad idea.

Edit 'Isabelle/etc/settings' to include this:

This file isn't supposed to be edited (and the comment on top of it says so quite clearly). If you need special settings, put them into ~/.isabelle/etc/settings.

cvs -d :pserver:anon at login && cvs -d :pserver:anon at checkout ProofGeneral

Same here. You get an unknown development version, which hasn't been tested to work properly with Isabelle.

export PROOFGENERAL_HOME="$(pwd)"

the idea of settings like PROOFGENERAL_HOME is that you put them into .isabelle/etc/settings, instead of a generic environment.

sed --in-place=".backup.$(date '+%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S')" "s|\[ -z \"\$PROOFGENERAL_HOME\" \].*|PROOFGENERAL_HOME=\"$PROOFGENERAL_HOME\"|" lib/Tools/emacs

Not sure what this is for, but the scripts in lib/ are certainly not for editing. Even if it happens to work, you get a big mess if you have to update your Isabelle at some point.

In summary, I cannot really recommend following this guide.


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