[isabelle] mutually recursion problem

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am having problem in proving this lemma:

lemma coords_mono_point_poly:
   "point_coords state \<subseteq>\<^sub>m point_coords (fst (point_poly p
state)) \<and>
    line_coords state \<subseteq>\<^sub>m line_coords (fst (point_poly p
   "point_coords state \<subseteq>\<^sub>m point_coords (fst (line_poly l
state)) \<and>
    line_coords state  \<subseteq>\<^sub>m line_coords (fst (line_poly l
proof (induct p and l arbitrary: state)

As you can see there are actually two lemmas, but they are "mutually
recursive" (because the functions point_poly and line_poly that I previously
defined are mutually recursive). The problem is that when i try to prove
like this, then this 'arbitrary:state' only affects the first lemma, but not
the second one, and that is not convenient at all. Any suggestions how to
solve this?

Yours faithfully,
Danijela Petrovic

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