[isabelle] Workshop on Proof Assistants in Formal Methods (Call for Presentations)

Workshop on Proof Assistants in Formal Methods

August 21, 2011. Suzhou, China

The workshop is part of the 3rd Asian-Pacific Summer School on Formal
Methods, which will be held on August 13-21 in Suzhou, China (see
http://kyhcs.ustcsz.edu.cn/fmschool-2011 ). It will be on the last day (Aug.
21) of the summer school.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers using mechanized
logic and proof assistants (Coq, Isabelle, HOL, PVS, etc.) in formal
methods. Topics for contributed talks include, but are not limited to, the

   - Verification of programs, algorithms or protocols;
   - Programming language semantics;
   - Formalization of logical systems or mathematical concepts in a
   mechanized logic;
   - Experiences on using proof assistants in education or research
   - New development and contributions of proof assistants, including
   theories, tactics, libraries, interfacing different verification systems,

This informal workshop aims at a high degree of useful interaction amongst
the participants, welcoming proposals for talks on work in progress,
overviews of larger programs, position presentations and short tutorials as
well as more traditional research talks describing new results. Talk
proposals can be submitted either in the forms of a short abstract or a
longer (published or unpublished) paper. There will be NO official
proceedings published for the workshop.

We will try to accommodate as many talks as possible, but, depending on the
number of submissions, there might be a selection process. Note that
participants of the workshop are not required to attend the summer school.
Presentations need to be given in English.

Important Dates:

   - Submission deadline: July 10 (submissions should be sent to
   kyhcs at ustc.edu.cn )
   - Author notification: July 15
   - Workshop: August 21

For more information, please send emails to kyhcs at ustc.edu.cn .

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