[isabelle] Strange behaviour. Errors depend on file length.

Hello everybody.

Enclosed please find two files: Example1.thy and Example2.thy.


The Example1.thy produces the following error:

*** Outer syntax error (line 55 of 
command expected,
*** but identifier type_synonim (line 55 of 
"/home/andrzej/ALMAMER/PUBLIKACJE/DESIGN_PATTERNS/Isabelle/Example1.thy") was 

just before the following lines

definition moment_eq :: "[Moment, Moment] => bool" where
  "(moment_eq x y) == (Rep_Moment x = Rep_Moment y)"


The Example2.thy file is processed without errors.

The Example2.thy is the Example1.thy with a number of lines deleted. It can be 
easily checked with (on linux):
diff Example2.thy Example1.thy

Sorry for bothering you but I really do not understand the behavior.

I use linux computer with 64 bit kubuntu distribution with 1GB ram and 1GB 
swap. 64 bit OpenSuse 11.3 with 8GB ram gives identical results.

Thanks for help.
Andrzej Mazurkiewicz

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