[isabelle] AVoCS - call for short papers

11th International Workshop on Automated Verification of Critical Systems 
AVOCS 2011
Call For Short Papers
12th - 14th September 2011
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

The aim of AVoCS 2011 is to contribute to the interaction and exchange of ideas  among members of the international research community on tools and techniques  for the verification of critical systems. The subject is to be interpreted broadly  and inclusively. It covers all aspects of automated verification, including model  checking, theorem proving, SAT/SMT constraint solving, abstract interpretation,  and refinement pertaining to various types of critical systems which need to meet  stringent dependability requirements (safety-critical, security-critical, business- critical, performance-critical, etc). Contributions that describe different  techniques, or industrial case studies are encouraged. The technical programme  will consist of invited and contributed talks and also allow for short presentations  of on going work. The workshop will be relatively informal, with an emphasis  on discussion. 

Invited Speakers
•  Janet Barnes (Altran Praxis)
•  Tom Maibaum (McMaster University) - FME invited lecture

Topics include (but are not limited to)
•   Model Checking,
•   Automatic and Interactive Theorem Proving,
•   SAT, SMT or constraint solving for Verification,
•   Abstract Interpretation,
•   Specification and Refinement,
•   Requirements Capture and Analysis,
•   Verification of Software and Hardware,
•   Verification of Security-Critical Systems,
•   Specification and Verification of Fault Tolerance and Resilience, 
•   Probabilistic and Real-Time Systems,
•   Dependable Systems,
•   Verified System Development, and
•   Industrial Applications.

Important Dates:
Submission of Short Papers: 15th August 2011 

Organisation Committee
Jens Bendisposto (Dusseldorf)
Cliff Jones (Newcastle)
Michael Leuschel (Dusseldorf)
Alexander Romanovsky (Newcastle)

Program Committee
Jens Bendisposto (Dusseldorf)
Michael Goldsmith (Warwick)
Ian Hayes (Queensland)
Cliff Jones (Newcastle)
Michael Leuschel (Dusseldorf)
Felix Loesch (BOSCH)
Gerald Luettgen (Bamberg)
Ursula Martin (Queen Mary)
Stephan Merz (INRIA Nancy)
Alice Miller (Glasgow)
Markus Roggenbach (Swansea)
Alexander Romanovsky (Newcastle)
Thomas Santen (Microsoft)
Antonio Casimiro Costa (Lisboa)
Sebastian Wieczorek (SAP)
Jim Woodcock (York)

Sponsors: DEPLOY, FME, Microsoft, CSR

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