Re: [isabelle] Occur Check Problem in Isabelle

On 07/20/2011 11:41 PM, Jasmin Blanchette wrote:
1. For the benefit of the readers who did not follow the thread on
isabelle-dev, it would help if you could provide some context and
explan what you want to achieve.

2. The formatting of your code got lost at some point.

3. My general advice for learning Isabelle, which I've shared with
your supervisor in an informal discussion earlier tonight (and he
seemed not to disagree, but that could have been the wine), would be
to tackle an easier problem than unification first and gain some
experience and confidence doing that.

Let me add:

4. Please do not attempt to send your questions/followups off-list to individuals who responded previously. Instead, keep the mailing list on Cc. Keeping the discussion public is important, since

a) it ensures that others can learn from your problems/solutions,
b) it distributes the question answering workload over community members,
c) if questions are public (and permanently archived) they are often better thought-out, and d) it allows the assessment of how much of the work is actually your own, which is important if the work is part of coursework or a thesis.


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