Re: [isabelle] Countable instantiation addition

This is definitely a useful tool for ImperativeHOL ... One could probably integrate it into the datatype package, such that datatypes automatically become countable (like Haskell infers some typeclasses automatically (on demand))


Mathieu Giorgino schrieb:
Hi all,

I have written a little ML library allowing to automatically prove, in most cases, instantiations of types (typedefs, records and datatypes) as countable (see ~~/src/HOL/Library/Countable). The style of the library is still a little rough but I think it could be a nice addition to the Isabelle Library with some more work, mostly for Imperative_HOL (~~/src/HOL/Imperative_HOL) which can only store values of countable types in its heap.

However, as Lukas Bulwhan said to me, improving it and integrating it in Isabelle while nobody use it would certainly be a lost of time.

So here is my question: would anybody be interested in this addition ?

I attach this library with a theory containing tests/examples.

Anyway, if you have some advices for improving it, they would be welcome.


Mathieu Giorgino

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