Re: [isabelle] jedit interface with openjdk

On Tue, 21 Jun 2011, Ramana Kumar wrote:

I have experienced no problems whatsoever with the jedit interface
running with openjdk (apart from the annoying message upon startup
saying to get sun java instead).

I've added this message after a course using Isabelle/jEdit. There was a very explicit instruction about which jdk to use, but it was ignored by half of the attendants. This was the half that experienced various problems and instabilities later.

For some odd reasons, official jdk is sometimes considered "evil" and openjdk "good". But openjdk 6 is technologically bad -- I have spent enough time with it and its problems, and the jEdit people do not support it for their platform. (You can ask on one mailing lists an see what they say now. I've checked last about 1 year ago.)

For Java 7 and 8 the situation will probably change again. Larry Ellison (Oracle) has announced that openjdk will be made the official code base. This means openjdk will become idiologically "bad" -- officially supported by Oracle -- and I hope that it will become technologically good at the same time. Otherwise we have a problem (and the whole Java community).

is it possible to copy and paste text out of the prover output window (where current subgoals are displayed)?

This should work with regular C-c and C-v. The mechanism is different from the one of the jEdit buffer, but it uses the same Java clipboard.


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