Re: [isabelle] where to post jedit 4.3.2 bugs/feature requests?

On Fri, 29 Apr 2011, Nils Jähnig wrote:

i hope this is also the right list for jedit stuff.

Yes, isabelle-users is for everything that is part of official Isabelle release. In contrast, when you start compiling things on your own from some repository version you should discuss things on the isabelle-dev mailing list (and reveal your version via "isabelle version -i").

I disabled the Auto-parsing in Isabelle. as it was the only way, to disable the Isabelle-parsing. just to read some files. Now i wanted to reactivate the parsing, so i ticked the option, restartet jedit and got the following error:

the following plug-in could not be loaded: /home/nils/Isabelle2011/contrib/jedit-4.3.2_Isabelle-6d736d983d5c/jars/Isabelle-jEdit.jar: Cannot start: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException Try updating to a newer version of the plug-in.

Proper session management is still largely missing, so disabling and re-enabling these global options is not really supported at the moment.

the pre-2011 version of jedit ran much butter on my machine. the new one has problems clearing the ram, when i load and afterwards close multiple theory files in a row.

Resource management is as absent in the 2011 version as in the ones before, but their might be more content produced. How much RAM do you have anyway. I think you can work several hours on 2 GB.

for me the auto-trace is not really useful, as I usually have one or two theories to work on, and some more, wherein i just want to lookup things. So like it was before, to enable parsing for every buffer on it's own was better for me.

What is auto-trace?

The continous checking that is always enabled is a corollary of the absence of session manament. I hope to have that in better shape for the next Isabelle release -- it also affects the way traditional batch-processing works, so it all takes a bit longer than anticipated.


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