Re: [isabelle] where to post jedit 4.3.2 bugs/feature requests?

>> the pre-2011 version of jedit ran much butter on my machine. the new one
>> has problems clearing the ram, when i load and afterwards close multiple
>> theory files in a row.
> Resource management is as absent in the 2011 version as in the ones before,
> but their might be more content produced.  How much RAM do you have anyway.
>  I think you can work several hours on 2 GB.

I have 2 GB of RAM at work. but usually some other programs running
(even without other programs running it freezes sometimes).
It is when I'm looking through other theory-files (which get parsed),
when the RAM gets full.
At home, where I use jedit via Cygwin on Windows, I have 4 GB of RAM,
where it's running smoother. But it actually uses more than 2GB of RAM
(together with Winows).

>> for me the auto-trace is not really useful, as I usually have one or two
>> theories to work on, and some more, wherein i just want to lookup things. So
>> like it was before, to enable parsing for every buffer on it's own was
>> better for me.
> What is auto-trace?

I'm sorry, i meant auto-parsing.

> The continous checking that is always enabled is a corollary of the absence
> of session manament.  I hope to have that in better shape for the next
> Isabelle release -- it also affects the way traditional batch-processing
> works, so it all takes a bit longer than anticipated.

I'm not sure, if I got you right (maybe due to me writing
"auto-trace"). my idea was to get back to the not-enabled checking,
without any options. pressing three keys to activate the parsing is no
big deal. on the other hand I don't see a big advantage in having all
theories parsed without pressing a button (please correct me, if I'm
wrong). how does the absence of session management intefere here?


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