[isabelle] Research Assistant position on EPSRC project "Formal Representation and Proof for Cooperative Games"

Job offer:

We (Colin Rowat - economics - and Manfred Kerber - computer science) are
looking for an RA (research assistant) with strong background in theorem
proving, logic, mathematical knowledge representation, and/or economics for
a project to apply automated theorem proving techniques to economics. In
the project we want to bridge between computer science and economics, reach
out to the two communities and explore in a wide range of ways (by applying
Isabelle, Theorema, sTeX, Leo inter alia) how formal and semi-formal
methods can be applied to particular problems in the field of economics.

The job ad can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/5tnv4u5 
(closing date 30 November 2011).

The project starts early 2011 (1 January the earliest) and runs for 30-36 months.

The EPSRC research grant details are at: 

Three papers that exemplify the work we are going to automate and extend:


Further information can be obtained from
us at M.Kerber at cs.bham.ac.uk and c.rowat at bham.ac.uk

Manfred Kerber

| Manfred Kerber                 URL:    www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~mmk | 
| School of Computer Science     e-mail: M.Kerber at cs.bham.ac.uk |
| The University of Birmingham   Tel.:   (+44)-121-414-4787     |
| Birmingham, B15 2TT, England   Fax.:   (+44)-121-414-4281     | 

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