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Dear Viorel,

your specification of Special is not primitively recursive, because the last line calls special on the right child v of the left child x, but primitive recursion only allows to call Special on the immediate children x and y. Admittedly, the error message could be better.

There are two ways to solve this:

a) Since your function is not primitvely recursive, use the more general function package. This way, you can also transform the ugly case expression into multiple pattern matches. Moreover, fun generates custom rules for induction and case analysis.

b) Transform your definition into primitive recursion. I think the following is equivalent to your definition:

primrec Special :: "Tree => bool" where
 "Special leaf1 = True" |
 "Special leaf2 = True" |
 "Special (x .. y) = (Special x /\ Special y /\
     (case x of (u .. v) => u = leaf1 | _ => True))"


primrec Special :: "Tree => bool" where
"Special leaf1 = True" |
"Special leaf2 = True" |
"Special (x .. y) = (case x of leaf1 => Special y | leaf2 => Special y
| (u .. v) ⇒ u = leaf1 /\ Special y /\ (Special v))"

On the definition of Special I get the error:

Extra variables on rhs: "Special"
The error(s) above occurred in definition "Special_def"

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