Re: [isabelle] Reading a proof

On Fri, 30 Sep 2011, John Munroe wrote:

For full proofs the basic HOL image needs to provide them already *and* they
need to be enabled for your own session.

For some years we used to have HOL with proof terms by default, but it
became to huge.  You need to build your own image, e.g. like this:

 Isabelle2011/build -m HOL-Proofs

This logic image then needs to be selected in PG when starting up.

Thanks. I can start it up with the HOL-Proofs image, but I can't seem
to import RealVector, Real, etc. It says that "Could not find file
"RealVector.thy". Can one use the reals with the HOL-Proofs image?

The HOL-Proofs target in the IsaMakefile merely uses the content of the HOL-Main session, without type real and complex.

The include the latter you can rebuild the image by imitating the IsaMakefile entry for it:

  cd Isabelle2011/src/HOL
  isabelle usedir -b -g true -p 2 -q 0 Pure HOL-Proofs


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