[isabelle] JEdit IDE shows error when loading Arith.thy


I ran the following steps (on two different x64 Ubuntu Linux
machines), and got the same error on both:

1.  Install 2011-1 bundle for x64 Linux, following requirements from
http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/research/hvg/isabelle/download.html.  Run
"Isabelle2011-1/bin/isabelle jedit"
2.  Open "Isabelle2011-1/src/ZF/Arith.thy".
3.  JEdit prompts me to autoload other libraries to resolve theory
imports (including Univ.thy).  I click OK.
4.  The right-hand bar is pink (not loaded, I'm guessing).  As I
scroll down the file, the right-hand bar becomes red (errors).
5.  The first error is under "theory Arith imports Univ begin".  The error is:
   Missing theory (file "/home/jnicol/isabelle/Isabelle2011-1/src/ZF/Univ.thy")
However, that file exists at that path.

Are there environment variables that need to be set?


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