Re: [isabelle] Scala Code Generation

Hi René,

>> - the generated code has quite some size (Haskell: 600k source, Scala: 1200k source)
>> - compilation for both Haskell and Scala without problems
>> - running the programs on example library runs smoothly with Haskell, but there are problems with Scala:
>>   * Haskell binary can run all examples without problems
>>   * almost all examples crash with Scala binary with Stack-overflow  
>>   * after setting Stack-size to 2000m, roughly 1/5 of examples still crashes
>>   * rewriting the corresponding function to tail-recursive variant did not help much
>>   * whole benchmark requires 2s with Haskell binary, 40s with Scala binary
>> (as a side remark: we have similar problems with OCaml-code where large
>>  strings have to be converted from OCaml-strings to character lists)

thanks for those interesting figures.

I would guess that the scalability matter indeed has to do with
packing/unpacking strings to character lists, which is a no-op in
Haskell.  The factor 2 in code size seems plausible.

Have you ever tried to generate the whole application without the
explicit parsing?




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