[isabelle] Transitivity reasoning in Isar with \ge

Hi all,

I just wondered if it is possible to use the Isar-style transitivity
reasoning with \ge, i.e.

note `a\ge b` also note `... \ge c` finally have "a\ge c"

Currently, this does not work for two reasons:
  First, \ge is syntactically translated to \le, before " ... " is
matched, and, second, there is no "swapped"
    transitivity rule set up as [trans]. The second can be fixed by
adding such a rule:
      lemma [trans]: "a\<ge>b \<Longrightarrow> b\<ge>c
\<Longrightarrow> a\<ge>(c::'a::order)" by (rule order_trans_rules)
    Should this be included into the standard setup of the transitivity

    any ideas wether it is possible to extend the behaviour of "..."  to
also work with \ge?


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