[isabelle] Binary tree exercise


I am a newbie. I was trying the binary tree exercise, and Isabelle is not
able to unify types. Here is my program.

theory tree
 imports Main

datatype 'a btree = Tip | Node "'a btree" "'a" "'a btree"

primrec inorder :: "'a btree \<Rightarrow> 'a list" where
"inorder Tip = Nil" |
"inorder Node xs ys zs = Nil"

the error is :

*** Type unification failed: Clash of types "(_ \<Rightarrow> _)" and "_
*** Type error in application: incompatible operand type
*** Operator:  (inorder\<Colon>('a tree.btree \<Rightarrow> 'a List.list))
:: ('a tree.btree \<Rightarrow> 'a List.list)
*** Operand:   tree.btree.Node :: (??'a tree.btree \<Rightarrow> (??'a
\<Rightarrow> (??'a tree.btree \<Rightarrow> ??'a tree.btree)))
*** At command "primrec" (line 7 of "/Users/sviyer/tree.thy")

Thanks for reading,

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