[isabelle] Ph.D. position at ETH Zurich

Ph.D. Research Project at ETH Zurich on
Security Modeling and Analysis in Cyber-physical Systems
Prof. David Basin and Prof. Srdjan Capkun, ETH Zurich

Cyber-physical systems are systems in which computational and physical
elements are tightly coupled. Due to this coupling, their failure can
have catastrophic health, safety, environmental, or economic
consequences. For example, the failure of a power distribution network
can leave parts of a country or continent without
electricity. Cyber-physical systems operate in increasingly adversarial
environments where they are subject to targeted attacks.  Hence these
systems are part of our critical infrastructures and must be protected
from both unintentionally and intentionally induced failures.

ETH Zurich, together with ABB Corporate Research in Switzerland, is
seeking to hire a researcher who will carry out research on methods for
the design and analysis of security architectures for the security of
electricity (power) grid systems.  This includes: developing foundations
for modeling the structure and behavior of cyber-physical systems,
developing models of existing and planned power grid systems, developing
techniques to support the analysis of models (e.g., carrying out risk
analysis), and validating the approach taken through case studies.

The project will run for approximately 3 years and provides the
possibility of carrying out a Ph.D. during this period. As part of this
project, the Ph.D. student will spend time at ABB learning about the
systems under consideration and state-of-the-art approaches to their
design and analysis.

The PhD student will be a paid employee of ETH Zurich. Salary and
employment conditions are attractive. ETH Zurich regulations require
doctoral students to hold a Master's or equivalent degree (e.g. Diplom).

Zurich is a diverse and multicultural city, which is consistently rated
among the best cities in the world in which to live. We favor the same
sort of diversity that defines Zurich's cultural makeup and encourage
anyone matching the profile above to apply, regardless of where you are from.

Applications should include a curriculum vitae, a brief description of
research interests, transcripts of grades, and, if possible,
publications, and letters of recommendation from teachers or
employers. Applications and inquiries should be sent by email to:
infsec.positions at inf.ethz.ch

ETH Zurich specifically encourages women to apply with a view towards
increasing the proportion of female researchers.

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