Re: [isabelle] How to Install Isabelle

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On 04/01/2012 11:35 PM, Tim (McKenzie) Makarios wrote:
I haven't used OSX for a long time, and I've never used iOS.  My comment
was primarily informed by users of iOS.  You see, I saw peculiar
messages like "Sent from my iPad" on emails from some people, and when I
asked why their emails ended this way, they told me that it was an
apology (very opaque, if you ask me) for the brevity of their email, and
any errors in it, because (they said) the iPad (or iPhone) was not good
for writing text.


On 01/04/12 19:52, Jens Doll wrote:
I should have written (i)OS(X) instead, or do you believe that there is
a big difference between iOS and OSX?

Am 29.03.2012 23:39, schrieb Tim (McKenzie) Makarios:
...  I thought iOS was a mobile OS, optimized for touch, not for
typing ...

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