Re: [isabelle] A course based on Isabelle/HOL and some feedback...

On Fri, 27 Apr 2012, Thomas Genet wrote:

In fact, I was nearly ready to use jEdit for the labs but I found that jEdit was often getting stuck when using nitpick and quickcheck, and since my labs strongly rely on those two tools it was a problem.

I just played a bit with both the "Haribo effect" and the "magic" COMMAND key that are both very nice functionnalities! I will consider switching to jEdit. Can you tell me if the behavior of jEdit with nitpick has been improved?

In preparation for the coming relase, I've gone through the sledgehammer and nitpick connectivety again a few days ago, and refined it a little bit. There were some minor instabilities and potential race conditions wrt. editor buffer content, but no fundamental problems as far as I could see.

Public announcements for Isabelle2012 release candidates will come next week on this mailing list, so you can try again and report pending problems.


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