Re: [isabelle] Proof General of Isabelle/jEdit

It's clear that the intention is for everybody to migrate to jEdit eventually.

At the moment, I would say that PG is better for all-around usability. But it is hampered (it always has been) by the inherent instability of the Emacs layer that it sits on.

jEdit will be better when it has some sort of direct menu support for various Isabelle functions (sledgehammer, nitpick), display settings, et cetera. And it's to be hoped that somebody will write some sort of tutorial.

Larry Paulson

On 30 Apr 2012, at 03:01, Aaron W. Hsu wrote:

> So, I am just wondering whether I should be using the Isabelle/jEdit 
> interface or Proof General?  It seems like the jEdit interface is pretty 
> nice so far, but is it considered ready for prime time? Am I losing 
> anything really important in using the jEdit interface? 
> I guess, another question is what the intended "main" interface will be 
> in the future?  Is the intention to transition to the jEdit interface as 
> the main one, or is it just a "newbie friendly" sort of thing?
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