Re: [isabelle] Isabelle's jEdit plugin: some known help documents?

More commentary from the cheap seats, but I try to be an Isabelle evangelist, because any big influx of new users would be beneficial to what I want to do in the long run.

First, the market is so untapped, at this point any success by any proof assistant is beneficial to every other proof assistant.

No replies to these kind of comments is a good thing, because I spend too much time doing this kind of thing anyway.

I look at this link for percentage of OS market share:

The percentage of Windows users, as a percentage of the total percentages of Linux, Mac, and Windows users, is 88.7%.

For simplicity, I assume that the potential market for users of proof assistants is broken up the same as OS market share.

And who are these potential users? Potentially, it's every mathematics and computer science university student taking a single class on proof assistants. Potentially, it's the complete integration of all upper level proof-based mathematics courses with proof assistants.

It used to be that most serious software and engineering development was done on Unix, but that's changed. Many or most engineering students, such as electrical and mechanical majors, learn all their tools on Windows. Likewise for physics and mathematics students. Likewise even for a large percentage of information sciences and computer science students.

You go into a university computer lab. They'll be 100 Windows machines, 8 Macs going largely unused, and some server somewhere that a computer science student logs into to complete the requirements for the token Unix based course.

The 11.3%, at this time, can be considered the maximum developer and user base, and the 88.7% is the potential user base that, for all practical purposes, has so far gone untapped.


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