Re: [isabelle] Inequalities on real numbers: How to use "(x::real) > 0 --> x >= 0"?

Dear Brian,

2012-08-10 10:15 Brian Huffman:
somewhere in a proof that involves real numbers from the theory "Real" I
would like to infer "(x::real) >= 0" from "x > 0".


by (rule less_imp_le)

excellent, thanks a lot for your quick reply!

Generally, when similar situations occur in future: Is there any documentation of such rules? In the manuals that come with Isabelle I didn't find anything.

I see that this particular rule and similar ones are documented reasonably well by the comments in src/Provers/order.ML So would you generally suggest scanning the sources for applicable rules, or is there a nicer overview?

Cheers, and thanks,


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