Re: [isabelle] Isabelle/Isar/HOL TeX logo

Am 12.08.2012 um 14:23 schrieb Alexander Krauss:

> Note that the standard spelling of Isabelle and Isabelle/HOL in TeX is just "Isabelle" and "Isabelle/HOL". That is, there is no specific branding, which merely distracts the reader. This is done consistently in all manuals and most papers.

Two fine points, though:

1. LaTeX will by default hyphenate Isabelle as "Is-abelle", which is both unsound and incomplete w.r.t. what I could deduce from Isabella being hyphenated "I-sa-bel-la" in NOAD. Adding


at the beginning of your document will take care of that.

2. Although linebreaks on slashes are inelegant, "Isabelle/ [linebreak] HOL" arguably looks better than "Isa- [linebreak] belle/HOL", esp. if it leads to a better balanced paragraph. To allow breaks after slashes, simply write "Isabelle\slash HOL".


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