Re: [isabelle] command "types" on Isabelle 2012

I see... I will rename it then. Thank you for your help.


On 14-12-2012 11:41, Lars Noschinski wrote:
On 13.12.2012 21:12, David Sanan wrote:
I am starting with Isabelle/Hol and I have some doubts (millions in
fact... :-) ). I am using an existing theory that runs well under
Isabelle 2009-2, but it does not on Isabelle 2012. I am trying to make it work on this version, but I am finding some problems and although I
have been looking for there is not too much documentation.

In particular I am having parsing errors on some statements using "types"

In the 2009 version the code is like this:
types type8 ="type_length8 Word"
translations (type) "type8" <= (type) "type_length8 word"

It seems that this is not available anymore. I have replaced "types" by
"type_synonym", are types and type_synonym equivalent?

Yes, but type_synonym can only make one synonym at a time.

Once modified this, this theory imports "Enum" theory. Again, this is not a problem in Isabelle 2009-2, but Isabelle 2012 loads its own Enum theory. Is it possible not to load "Enum" in Isabelle 2012 so I can use
the Non-Isabelle theory?? or should I have to rename the theory, and
probably also the class enum?

You will need to rename your Enum theory and also the type class.

  -- Lars

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