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From: Stephen Day <stephen at>
Subject: Isabelle2012 - What distribution?
Date: 20 December 2012 10:32:45 GMT

I'm the system administrator at ACE computer in Amsterdam. I have some
users who are very enthusiastic about using Isabelle, I don't know if
any of them have contacted you.

We use CentOS 5.4/64 here and I hit a wall on the dependency on
GLIBC_2.7. I was wondering what distribution I should install this on?
As I'm putting this on a virtual machine I can use anything so thought
it best to ask.

Our Isabelle2012 standard distribution bundle attempts to be all-inclusive and as self-contained as feasible, but refers to standard C/C++ libraries from the host system. Here we are essentially gambling to have it work by accident for the majority of users: binaries are compiled on some Linux system that is neither too new nor too old.

For Isabelle2012 that was Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, from April 2010. According to wikipedia, CentOS 5.4 from 2009, so it is plausible that it provides an older libc that does not work with our binaries.

See also for the internal explanations how Isabelle distributions are made as platform-independent as possible.

Of course, you could try to recompile binaries that we ship, but that will take a lot of time to reconstruct. It is easier to install a more recent Linux, such as Ubuntu 12.04.1 or anything else in the 2011-2012 range.


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