[isabelle] sledgehammer info

Dear all,

I have this vey same question that was once solved in 2009, but which
answers doesn't seem to work now (at least I can't do it). The
original message (and answers) can be seen here


Is there a way to get the sledgehammer to tell me exactly what input
and options it is passing to the external ATPs?


Thanks in advance,


Jesús María Aransay Azofra
Universidad de La Rioja
Dpto. de Matemáticas y Computación
tlf.: (+34) 941299438 fax: (+34) 941299460
mail: jesus-maria.aransay at unirioja.es ; web: http://www.unirioja.es/cu/jearansa
Edificio Luis Vives, c/ Luis de Ulloa s/n, 26004 Logroño, España

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