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Refinement for Monadic Programs
by Peter Lammich

We provide a framework for program and data refinement in Isabelle/HOL. The framework is based on a nondeterminism-monad with assertions, i.e., the monad carries a set of results or an assertion failure. Recursion is expressed by fixed points. For convenience, we also provide while and foreach combinators.

The framework provides tools to automatize canonical tasks, such as verification condition generation, finding appropriate data refinement relations, and refine an executable program to a form that is accepted by the Isabelle/HOL code generator.

This submission comes with a collection of examples and a user-guide, illustrating the usage of the framework.

Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm
by Benedikt Nordhoff and Peter Lammich

We implement and prove correct Dijkstra's algorithm for the single source shortest path problem, conceived in 1956 by E. Dijkstra. The algorithm is implemented using the data refinement framework for monadic, nondeterministic programs. An efficient implementation is derived using data structures from the Isabelle Collection Framework.


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