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On 15/02/12 23:52, Makarius wrote:
> Historically there have been occasional surprises about the generated
> document directory, so the system is as defensive as feasible, and there
> are always ways to deactivate default behaviour and do whatever you like
> by hand -- the usedir option -D is particularly useful for that.
> Nonetheless, brief inspection of the default way of copying the document
> sources in Isabelle2009-2 (and current Isabelle2011-1) reveals that it
> is done by "cp -r -f", which should normally dereference symlinks
> (unless you have a very odd version of "cp", which has also happened to
> some users in the past).

I have the cp that comes by default with Ubuntu 10.04 --- it reports
itself as "cp (GNU coreutils) 7.4".

> Is dereferencing what you have expected?  Or the other way round?  You
> may also consider absolute symlinks or hardlinks.

What happens is that in the directory of generated LaTeX sources, I get
a copy of the "root.bib" symlink, which is a relative link, and does, in
fact, point to the right file.  This is because in my "geometry"
directory, which has my .thy files and ROOT.ML, I have the
subdirectories "document" and "generated".  The former has "root.tex"
and "root.bib", which is a link to "../../thesis/references.bib".  As a
consequence, when this link is copied to the "generated" directory,
"../../thesis/references.bib" still points to the correct file.

However, the "document.pdf" that ends up being generated has only [?]
instead of [1], and has no reference list at the end.

An absolute symlink would be difficult to arrange, because I'm using
Subversion to work on the same files in two locations, and the directory
layout differs between the locations.  I don't have experience with
hardlinks, but I could find out about them if necessary.  At the moment
it's not necessary, though, because my current workaround is to have
"root.bib" as an ordinary file, and "../../thesis/references.bib" as a
symlink to "root.bib".

>     Makarius


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